Occasional RPAL License Membership

Under the Firearms Act & Regulations, persons owning a restricted firearm are required to have a shooting club membership in addition to their RPAL license, regardless of whether you are still actively sport shooting. MVRRC offers a discounted shooting club membership registration and renewal to restricted firearms owners who are no longer actively sport shooting, but who still own a restricted firearm.

MVRRC Occasional RPAL License Membership Benefits

No Waiting Lists

MVRRC does not require non-active RPAL restricted firearms owners to join a waiting list. This differs from most shooting clubs in Canada, where waiting lists are quite common. We are happy to offer our non-active RPAL members a quick, easy application and membership process. If you’re in need of a shooting club membership, you can join MVRRC today.

Low Cost of Membership

If you are a non-active RPAL restricted firearms owner who must belong to a shooting club, MVRRC offers a discounted rate for non-active RPAL members (currently $80/year). Annual fees for this non-active RPAL membership (what we call an “RPAL Occasional” membership) are affordable and are aimed at providing our non-active RPAL members with the ability to easily meet federal requirements while acknowledging that these members are largely inactive at shooting clubs.

No Safety Briefing

Non-active RPAL restricted firearms owners who become members of MVRRC are not required to attend a safety briefing prior to being accepted as an “RPAL Occasional” member. This allows new non-active members to join MVRRC right away.

RPAL Occasional Membership Summary

The “RPAL Occasional” membership offered by the MVRRC features:

To purchase please visit our Membership Registration page and select the RPAL Occasional membership. Follow the instructions from there.